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Your skin is your largest organ.  It is naturally porous, therefore whatever we put on to it, is easily absorbed into our bodies.  Many mainstream skin care products  that claim to be "All Natural" will often contain many carcinogenic chemicals, allergens, and irritants. Recent studies have shown that major areas of our skin, including the face will absorb up to 100 percent of these ingredients, which in the short and long term, have proven to be harmful to our skin and our overall health.  Major skin care companies which advertise as, or claim to contain all natural ingredients, are extremely misleading to everyday consumers.  Their products contain very little if any at all natural ingredients.   


When it comes to our natural well-being, time and time again, nature has proven to always have a solution for whatever ails us inside or out.  The truly amazing, miracle-working properties of so many raw, simple, pure ingredients derived from nature, have remained under the radar in mainstream skin care.   At Ember, we have made it our mission to ensure we share these.  We use only the best, pure, simple, all-natural ingredients in our one of a kind handcrafted product line to give you high quality, affordable products that exfoliate, enrich, regenerate, moisturize and heal the biggest and most beautiful part of us.  Made with love in Edmonton, Canada.




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