Our Story

Krystal Niven is the founder of Ember Scrubs, at 38 years young, is a vibrant woman with a very bustling family who pursues a variety of eclectic interests. Happily married to her husband Garret – whom she describes as a loving, talented, supportive and very handsome man – and the mother of four children – two sons ages fifteen and eleven and two daughters ages three and one – Krystal and her family live busy, fulfilling lives in Edmonton, Canada. Krystal’s interests range widely from architecture and interior design to painting, photography, astrology, travelling, and yoga. But crafting scrubs, lotions, jewellery, candles and bath bombs for Ember Scrubs is her passion.   A Supervisor with Canada Post, Krystal is certified in Interior Design, Aromatherapy, Chakra Healing & Ritual, Soap-making and  Herbalism. Beyond her personal interests, Krystal has been involved in sport and her community for over 12 years. She is an Executive member with Edmonton’s Maple Leaf Athletic Club. Deeply committed to the betterment of community, Krystal puts a percentage of Ember scrubs sales back into community.


  Krystal’s interest in natural healing, nutrition and yoga began when she was very young. She was deeply inspired by her grandmother who lived a very health-conscious life and practiced yoga. As an early mentor of Krystal’s, her grandmother shared her knowledge of health with Krystal who was keen to learn all she could.  “We would do yoga together late at night while everyone else slept. Then we’d drink tea and eat Nanaimo bars that she kept hidden just for us saying, “It’s all about balance!”’ Krystal readily observed her Grandmother using natural remedies, making concoctions and taking like “what seemed a zillion vitamins chasing them down with a green powdered drink.”  She absorbed the information her grandmother generously imparted. “My Grandmother was full of knowledge; she was hilarious, strong, grounded and most of all, she was always so loving, humble and peaceful! I now find myself feeling that same sense of peace, love and comfort when I make my products as I did when I spent time with my Grandmother,” says Krystal. ‘I think this is a huge part of why making Ember Scrubs has become one of my favourite things to do now.” 


Krystal has devoted much of her recent time exploring and rediscovering   natural remedies and skincare. Believing there is much that we can benefit from, gaining knowledge in the field of natural remedies has become a passion of Krystal’s. “It starts out at a community level and, as such, we keep community a main focus,”says Krystal.


The company was born after Krystal had her fourth child – a baby girl – named Ember. While shopping in stores for skin-care for babies made with natural ingredients, Krystal was dismayed at what she felt was a lot of deception in packaging. Products were all too often labelled  “all natural” when, in teeny writing in the list of ingredients, she’d note a product contained fragrances and chemicals. Given all Krystal had learned from her Grandmother, she became determined to support her family’s skin-health with 100% all natural organic ingredients. To this end, Krystal began making her own products. She fell in love with her creations when she began seeing unexpected results. She began to share her products with friends and family. Eventually, continued demands for her products led Krystal to get a business licence, which of course, meant coming up with a name. Ember – the name of her new baby girl – seemed a perfect fit.

Ember was the initial reason Krystal was bent on finding products which contained all-natural ingredients; Ember was the reason Krystal was on maternity leave and so had the opportunity to create these products! Most importantly, Ember means “glow” and that is exactly what the products produce – a healthy glow!

If it weren’t for Ember being born, Ember would not have been born!

-written by Catherine Simmons

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