Brass Ring Seasoning - 7 different Varieties
If you're looking for one of those seasoning companies that has a rub for beef, and a different seasoning for pork chops and a different rub for back ribs, a different seasoning for chicken, a seasoning for shrimp, a rub for chicken wings and a rub for salmon then forget it.  Brass Rings is NOT the seasoning company you're looking for because any of our Original or Cajun flavours will do ALL of those things and more. With one bottle! Original, Medium and Spicy as well as Cajun and Cajun Extra Spicy are EXCELLENT on ALL meats as a rub or sprinkled on top AND they are also excellent on mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, green salad, garlic toast, mushrooms, eggs, fried veggies, soups, stews, potato salad and anywhere else you would use salt and pepper. They do not use any chemicals or fillers and they make their products for flavour not for a larger profit margin! 

Their Story:

BRS was not created by a corporation in a lab. It was not created for shareholders to receive dividends and profit. It was not even originally created to sell. It was however created in our kitchen, to the highest of standards because it was created for them and their children. They were searching for a low sodium product that was amazingly delicious on everything. They could not find that, so they created it in April 2017. Soon, coworkers began to notice that their lunches were filling the kitchen at work with a mouthwatering aroma. They wanted to purchase the seasoning based on the smell alone, without even tasting it. So, it started from there and they now have 10 amazing variety’s of Original spices for you and yours to enjoy! 

Brass Ring Seasoning - 7 different Varieties

Flavour of Spice

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